Sunday, 28 December 2014

NZ_MIGRATE utility

NZ_MIGRATE utility is used to migrate data from source database to the target database. All the tables mentioned in the tablelist parameter are migrated to the target database. There are options to create target tables or truncate target tables before migrating the data. NZ_Migrate utility does the migration by running many parallel threads and hence is faster than nzload.

nz_migrate command usage is below:

./nz_migrate -shost <source_host> -thost <target_host> -sdb <source_database> -tdb <targetdatabase> -suser <source_user> -spassword <source_password> -tuser <target_user> -tpassword <target_password> -t <table1, table2, ...> -cksum fast -genStats Full  -TruncateTargetTable YES >> $log


  1. do you have ibm documentation link for NZ_Migrate

    1. I am not sure, if any specific document is available for this. You can find few details in bits & Pieces in "Dala Loading Guide or in Netezza User guide".