Saturday, 5 November 2016

Filter Transformation in Informatica

Using the filter transformation, we can filter the records based on the filter condition. Filter transformation is an active transformation as it changes the no of records.
For example, for loading the employee records having deptno equal to 10 only, we can put filter transformation in the mapping with the filter condition deptno=10. So only those records which have deptno =10 will be passed by filter transformation, rest other records will be dropped.

How to use filter transformation-
Step 1 – Create a mapping having source "EMP" and target "EMP_TARGET"
Step 2 – Then in the mapping
  1. Select Transformation menu
  2. Select create option

Step 3 - Then in the create transformation window
  1. Select Filter Transformation from the list
  2. Enter Transformation name "fltr_deptno_10"
  3. Select create option

Step 4 – The filter transformation will be created, Select "Done" button in the create transformation window

Step 5 – In the mapping
  1. Drag and drop all the Source qualifier columns to the filter transformation
  2. Link the columns from filter transformation to the target table

Step 6 – Double click on the filter transformation to open its properties, and then
  1. Select the properties menu
  2. Click on the Filter condition editor

Step 7 – Then in the filter condition expression editor
  1. Enter filter condition – deptno=10
  2. Select OK button

Step 8 – Now again in the edit transformation window in Properties tab you will see the filter condition, select OK button

Now save the mapping and execute it after creating session and workflow. In the target table, the records having deptno=10 only will be loaded.
In this way, you can filter the source records using filter transformation.

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